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  • miumiu52
    28 yrsAS9
    Have a piece of candy everyday and tell yourself the day is sweet again.
  • 3lavender
    25 yrsAS8
    One confidant is more precious than 1000 greetings. True love is more important than any treasure.
  • guangjingxi
    23 yrsAS8
    just a dream
  • elysiumhorizon
    20 yrsAS7
    Hi! I'm Tina. I lived in Taiwan. My hobby is photography. l also love playing Erhu(二胡). I am learning English and Japanese now.
  • hana816
    30 yrsAS8
    Hello.I'm looking for language exchange partner and friends.
  • sao_0612
    25 yrsAS7
    Hi there! I'm looking for someone who can have fun with me:)

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  • krystal112
    27 yrsAS7
    Are you afraid of loneliness, but love the freedom of the soul.
  • sabine07
    24 yrsAS7
    Port Louis
    Hi, i'm looking forward to making new friends ^^
  • aussiegirl_mara
    33 yrsAS7
    Gold Coast
    Im 33, Australian, natural easy going & funny (well I think so!) and I love to laugh... Want to visit the US!! :)
  • ranya_rose
    26 yrsAS7
    Ranya Roseeeeeeeeeee