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  • nano876
    35 yrsAS8
    hmmm...to seize the day...or moment the better :)
  • mookk
    24 yrsAS8
    Let's be friends, i can teach english and spanish
  • yuyuyu_
    27 yrsAS8
    Hong Kong
    Can we be friends?
  • xielisi
    24 yrsAS8
    To be or not to be.I do not you think so good, nor so bad as you think.
  • roncarlos
    29 yrsAS7
    Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary~
  • sportsandtravel1234
    27 yrsAS8
    looking for friends who has the same interest "outdoor adventures"

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  • poland_man_27
    27 yrsAS6
    Nice and handsome man from Poland in seeking woman from asia
  • emilyveric
    32 yrsAS7
    New York
    Searching for a good man
  • oceanman23
    33 yrsAS8
    hi,i am from Russia.Now in Tokyo for travel.I want to meet someone to spend funny time today AND SPEAK ENGLISH))I am in Ginza
  • cristina25
    22 yrsAS7
    Puerto Cabello
    Hi everyone, so I'm such a lovely rose, fun, talkative and happy!